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Is it necessary to stress the importance of air? Well, we breathe it constantly 24 hours a day throughout our entire lifetime, what can possibly be stressed about our need for air? How about a shift in our understanding concerning the air we breathe? We live in a house with closed windows and the existing air is circulated repeatedly through our central air conditioning system and furnace ducts and we assume we are breathing good clean air. Nobody ever wonders how old the air is in our unventilated homes. Outside air needs to be stressed over inside air. The oxygen content of the outside air is significantly higher than the inside air. Inside air, unventilated is depleted of oxygen and heavy with carbon dioxide, this is what we give off when we exhale. A home may be weeks, months, and even years without opening the windows to ventilate the entire premises. The air we breathe oxygenates our lungs and supplies life-giving oxygen to all the cells in our bodies. The air we breathe can contain contaminants that hinder our health and make us vulnerable to disease.

For most people, breathing outside air only occurs when we are outdoors. The problem is that most of our time is spent indoors. Be it at home, at the office, in a factory, warehouse or wherever we spend our working hours. There are many who work outdoors. But even then, most people spend a greater time at home than anywhere else, especially at night when we go to bed. If the air quality we breathe at home is improved, greater health benefits would be the outcome. We should make it a habit to ventilate the home periodically to bring the outside air in. The best air is found in the country, away from the cities. But when that is not possible, fill the home with greenery. Plants and shrubs located around the home will take in carbon dioxide and give back oxygen. Let nature clean the air for you.

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