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Too many of us downplay the critical role sunshine has on our health. It is ironic that one of the lowest forms of life which are plant life displays more sense in that they compete vigorously for the sunshine overhead. God designed this earth to thrive by being drenched in sunlight. Life is made possible because of it. The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the activities we take part in, pretty much everything in our lives is impacted by the sunshine above. Wouldn’t it make sense that exposing ourselves to sunshine would have a positive impact on our health?

One of the most commonly known benefits of sunshine is that it produces Vitamin D when it hits our skin. Yet, surprisingly enough, Vitamin D deficiency is very common in society today. An average of 42% of Americans are deficient in this well-known vitamin. Why is this? Vitamin D is found in many foods, yet a nutritious, balanced diet is an alien concept nowadays. Many of us trust our nutritional needs to our local fast-food restaurants. Although outdoor activities are a big pastime, a good majority are not taking advantage of the abundant sunshine God provides daily. Many people enjoy the nightlife. Another majority enjoys staying indoors watching TV or playing video games. Seniors tend to stay at home rather than outside. There are many factors responsible for the high rate of Vitamin D deficiency, but one of the major factors is the lack of exposure to sunshine.

Our bodies were designed to be surrounded by light. Our first parents were clothed with light when they were first created. After the fall, this shield of light was removed. They then became dependent on the light of the sun. They lived outdoors and they retained their health and vigor from the plants they ate, the air they breathed, the water they drank, and the abundant sunshine. Their Eden home was outdoors, and their skin was dark and ruddy because they were constantly bathed in sunlight. As the name implies, Adam means Ruddy or Red. Since Eve came from the same substance as Adam, she was no different from him. Since melanin (which is brown in color) becomes more pronounced under sun exposure, it stands to reason that our first parents were quite dark.

Sunshine improves brain function and exhilarates mood. It lowers blood pressure and decreases the instances of depression. It improves the ability to sleep at night and even has a positive impact on weight loss. It boosts our immune system and makes our bones strong and healthy. Sunshine even purifies the air we breathe. The invisible UV light that emanates from the sun kills many types of germs and bacteria. This UV light consists of about 3% of the natural light that emanates from the sun at its peak height. More specifically, 44% is visible light, 3% is invisible ultraviolet light and the remainder is infrared light which is an electromagnetic wavelength that is also invisible to our eyesight but is felt as heat.

Too much exposure to the sun can be detrimental. We must understand that there must be a balance in everything we do. We can drown with too much water, we can become gluttonous and overweight with too much food, we can pass out with too much oxygen, and we can get a serious sunburn with too much exposure to the sun. The very things that benefit us, can also harm us. We must practice temperance in all we do.

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